Selling convenience: The art of integration

If you frequent the Asian continent, you must have heard or used Weixin/WeChat, China’s most prevalent social media platform. However, how well do you know this platform? WeChat is a mobile-based Chinese social media platform created by Tencent in 2011, one of the largest internet service providers.

Successful businesses prioritize consumer analysis and consider it the fuel that drives the overall growth. Consequently, having an explicit comprehension of your audience’s needs, lifestyle, and preferences is the first and most significant aspect of driving higher conversions. With the internet as the infrastructure of modern-day technological advancement, consumers have more options and leverage the dynamism of convenience to satisfy daily needs.

The success recorded by Tencent, the mother company of Weixin/WeChat, was driven by a unique consumer engagement approach centered on integrated services, convenience, and simplicity. WeChat is more than just a networking platform, but an ecosystem with significant growth and sales potential for any company wishing to expand its business across China. WeChat commands the social media landscape in China, with over a billion daily active users.

It is the go-to option for social networking and other integrated services, with more than 45 billion messages exchanged daily. The WeChat all-in-one approach is powered by mini-apps that facilitate utilities, credit pay, healthcare, gas, taxi, restaurant, movie booking, and e-commerce. Finding local hangouts, book doctor’s appointments, file police reports, and access bank services all within the platform. Weixin consistently conducts an in-depth consumer analysis to adjust accordingly to the rapidly changing consumers’ behavior by diligently adding relevant features to satisfy needs and wants and train consumers to be chronic users. A strategy that has enabled the company to be an integral part of users and businesses daily functionalities.

Considering the massive daily usage of WeChat, one notable pitfall of the platform is consumer privacy—perhaps not for users in China, but those in the western world. In addition to WeChat’s strong relations with the Chinese government, the company also states in its privacy policy that it may retain user data for as long as necessary to comply with applicable Chinese laws and regulations. Additionally, WeChat does not provide satisfactory protection against government surveillance or disclose when the government requests user data and gives no detail about the kind of encryption, if any, it appropriates.  A notable reason why the company scored a zero out of 100 for WeChat’s lack of freedom of speech protection and end-to-end encryption in a 2016 Amnesty International report on user privacy.

Despite the privacy concerns, Weixin/WeChat has remained predominant and has conveniently positioned itself as a one-stop-shop, a great resource with extensive access to products and services, social networking, news, and entertainment. This integrated and consumer-centric strategy has heightened user and business utilization of the platform. In addition, the user-friendly interface is another crucial determinant to the high usage, as it is engaging and appeals to a wider pool of consumers with diverse demographics.

One thought on “Selling convenience: The art of integration

  1. jbirdkickz

    Good Afternoon Success –

    This was a great read! It is certainly interesting to hear that Weixin is not offering any sort of protection really for its users. Typically, with American businesses there is a private policy where companies will disclose if they intend to sell your information to 3rd parties. However, in this case, it presents a clear case of taking the exact opposite approach. Personally, I would be a little weary of using an application that can and will ‘keep my messages for an indefinite period of time to comply with Chinese laws’. This seems really sketchy to me, and probably a cultural norm for Chinese people. All in all, great post!

    Jesse Snow


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